I am a singer, songwriter, business owner and all around hustler.

Age 11, I wrote a poem and landed a big spot in a poem book that was sold around the world.

Age 14, I started singing and writing and decided to put my talents to the test by beginning to perform.

Age 22, I moved to Los Angeles to get a taste of the real world where I was able to rub elbows with Chanel Westcoast, Teyana Taylor, Will.i.am and more.

Age 23, I wrote a novel and self published it for the world to read called “Settling In”.

Age 25, I released a mixtape with a song called “Cut Up” that went viral. I also had the chance to have musical genius Raheem DeVaughn feature on a song called “Love”.

Age 26, I became my own business. Shop Chriss Zoe was born and sold worldwide.

Age 27, I released a booklet on “How I Became My Own Business”.

Age 28, I’m now engaged and living in Houston, TX and enjoying my family while blogging about everything I’ve got my hands in. We have a beautiful home that we love to call our pride and joy!